Thursday, August 29, 2013

Explaining My Work: Seeing Beyond

Part 3 in an ongoing explanation of the thoughts that go into my pieces. I've previously discussed Humpty Dumpty is a Rabbit Hole and Sharing What Is Held Close.
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Seeing Beyond
glass, paint, steel, led
sean hennessey

I've explained my thoughts on locks in a previous post. When I made Promises that Remain Unbroken,
I wanted to give a counterpoint and to more viscerally feel a sea of locks. A swarm. I wanted to be a bit overwhelming. Daunting. 
I always loved science. And all the science classes I took. I've played with imagery that involved things that affect and augment sight. Glasses, googles, telescopes, microscopes, magnifying glasses etc... .
I think there is something powerful in that. Unsettling and settling. It speaks of how independent we really can be. It speaks of opportunity and possibly of trust. It also speaks of desire. Of the compulsion to move beyond and experience more. The use of the old plastic lab safety googles from science classes of my childhood was a perfect inclusion for this piece. Experimental, exciting, eye and world opening.i wanted to express a device and means for a person to look beyond the mere obstacles that might be present and see into the place that they want to be. 
But it's also about hope and determination for me to get beyond my own hang ups. I sometimes feel burdened by details, and while I strive to maintain my sense of the present, to be mindful of what's around me, and conscious of how I feel about it, I often lose something in that. I forget to look ahead, to plan, to make far reaching goals. I have a strong sense that every moment could be my last. This piece is to remind me, and others to be mindful of where we are heading. 

I bounced back and forth for awhile about color, and possibly the use of imagery behind the goggles. I wondered if a video behind the goggles was the way to go. It will be in future pieces, I'm sure, so keep an eye out for those. They're coming soon. 
I also wanted a lack of color in this piece. A clarity and a focus. Sometimes I'm not 100% sure why I make my decisions. This is the case. It just felt right. 

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