Saturday, May 19, 2012

Artomatic 2012: My Recommendations

Artomatic 2012 is now OPEN. And it's HUGE! If you don't have the 6 or 7 hours it will take to see everything, allow me to make some recommendations for your game plan in approaching this exhibit.  I took a quick walkthrough and noted some of the pieces I think you shouldn't miss. I will be adding to this list as I  update my notes and photos. some i didn't note which floor they were on, so i need to go back. I'll add links when I can.

First thing, Check out the floorplans HERE . Print them out. Make notes on them. Clicking on names will bring you to the artists Artomatic info page, including their location.

Floor 2
Michael Janis

Floor 3
Drew Storm

Floor 8
David D'Orio
Nils Henrick Sundquist

Floor 9

Rania Hassan
Christian Tribastone
Jacqui Corcetta
Erin Antognoli
Zophie Lang

Floor 10
Roger Cutler 
Walter G. Stiles
Tim Tate

Floor 11

Andrew Wodzianski
Marty Ittner
Kirk Waldroff
Justin Cameron
Cory Oberndorfer
Melissa Burley
Joe Corcoran

In truth, i hope that you will try to see everything over the course of the event! it is much easier to get through on the weekdays and early on the weekends.
More Info Here

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