Thursday, September 30, 2010

Crafty Bastards is this Saturday!!!!

Please come.

Blue Lock :: Cast Glass, Steel :: 6"x9"

My focus has been a bit different in the last few months. In the past i had been mixing a lot of concrete castings into my exhibitions, but lately it's all been glass. and i've been attempting to make steel frames for all my pieces. and i've been abandoning my very small formats that have been what i mainly exhibited at fairs and festivals. this crafty bastards will showcase the last pieces of my smaller series and i'll be bringing a few slightly larger pieces. if you have been interested in purchasing small works of mine ( less that 12 inches x 12 inches) this may be one of your last chances.

 i will have my remaining concrete doors as well. I've got about 15 left and i don't foresee making more.

Concrete Door :: 6"x3"

I've been doing fewer and fewer street festivals and not sure how i'll approach this next year, but i have been focusing on larger works and commissioned pieces.

We Share What We Have :: Glass, Concrete, Steel :: 24x12

So, come, and get some of my work!

Crafty Bastards
Saturday October 2, 2010
Marie Reed Learning Center
18th street in Adams Morgan
thats basically 2150 18th street nw washington dc for you out of towners.

Specifically, Rania and I will be set up here:

crafty bastards 2010 map!

Online Store (will be restocked next week)
i may have some special offers available to my twitter followers too

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