Wednesday, May 28, 2008

thoughts on my work at Artomatic 2008

I have exhibited two sets of work at Artomatic and wanted to describe some of my thoughts on each.

Remnants of the Age of Enlightenment.
Artwork at Artomatic 2008
I began a fascination with the use of the traditional lightbulb imagery because of a “ghost light” used in old theatres to keep the ghosts company while the stage was dark. I began correlating that light bulb with my modern retelling of the story of Diogenes, an Athenian Philosopher who walked around with a lantern looking for an honest man. I used an incandescent light instead of an oil lantern. This “seeking” of Diogenes is an inspiration gesture, and I feel exemplary of our daily yearnings for more substance in our lives. Relying on an honest inquiry into the nature of things led western civilization into an age enlightenment. An age I have represented as aged and in a ruinous state.

Glass Panels.
3 glass panels

I am fascinated by the use of narrative panels in architecture and the form of my glass panels are inspired by this tradition. As with Remnant of the Age of Enlightenment, I am presenting pieces that have a feeling of relics. Of archeology. Of the study of the past and the way we thought. As if these pieces have been dug up in some distant future to teach the world how we think and feel today.

I liken the presence of glass in my art as the ethereal aspects of our lives. Our soul. Our hopes and d

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