Monday, May 26, 2008

Artomatic-opolis 500

Artists, start your cardboard! Green Flag for the Artomatic 500

In the spirit of art cars and kinetic sculpture races, Artomatic is planning its own take on the classic car race with the Artomatic 500 Cardboard Creation Competition on Sunday June 1 at 2pm.

All Artomatic participants are invited to create a cardboard "vehicle" which could be two dimensional, three dimensional -- even four dimensional if you can make it happen -- as long as it it entirely powered by a walking or running human and is decorated by the driver and his or her team.

It might look something like a cross between this: -- and this:

With a bit of this

It's up to you.

Final event location is to be determined, but will be on or adjacent to the Artomatic site at 1st&M NE.

Although all the details are not yet ironed out, here are some preliminary guidelines:

* Cars should be primarily made of cardboard. Participants must supply their own paint. Artomatic is looking into a source for cardboard boxes/sheets to offer at cost, but scrounging for refigerator boxes will put you ahead of the game. Anyone with sources/contacts please let me know.
* All locomotion must be provided by one or more humanoid drivers. No engine or propulsion system of any sort is allowed.
* Wheels are optional. In fact, they are discouraged.
* There will likely be some sort of race with laps, as well as a drag race -- which is open to interpretation.
* Winners will be determined by a judging team using points based on some combination of garishness and ingenuity yet to be determined. Some points may be awarded for finishing first or just completion of the race at all. Or not.
* We plan to hold a pre-race build session or two in the unused north side of the Cabaret Stage possibly over Memorial Day weekend-- probably Saturday.
* Entrants will have to sign a release and agree to clean up any mess they make and hold AOM, the building, NoMa etc harmless.

Want to participate? Got some ideas? Want to help organize, be part of
the pit crew, a race official or judge? Contact D&M Co-Chair Sal Ferro,

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