Saturday, March 15, 2008

this is the center of the universe

Originally uploaded by Scenic Artisan
this is one of the many creations of Roger Cutler.

( rogers website is, unfortunately, not one of his foremost creations)

Over the past number of years Mr. Cutler has taken to collecting metal detritus from the floors of Artomatic, as well as any metal remains artists leave behind after the show has come down.

he then melts down all his findings and casts various shapes and forms. this one, "center is the universe", is my favorite to date.

often roger includes a "mystery box" in his offerings. an unknown object only to be revealed at an unknown date. At the end of Artomatic 2007, roger revealed the contents of his box during an event i was fortunate enough to witness. roger only showed the object to the curious masses one person at a time. the contents were so unusual, no one described the object in the same way. some saw archaic symbols, some toys, others saw what appeared to be a collection of socks. this mystery is but one of the oddities one will find at artomatic.

roger has been pretty busy during the last year melting and casting in furnaces he makes himself. I cant wait to see what he has in store for the next artomatic. (coming soon to a neighborhood near me.)

If someone with money and clout ever realizes how cool Cutler's work and process really is, he may be whisked away to some far off exotic land where artists can be rich and successful.

until then, watch out for the man with a magnet on a stick.

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