Wednesday, September 26, 2007

office signage

office signage
Originally uploaded by Scenic Artisan
i just finished installing this sign at a local law firm that deals with energy issues. my lightbulbs were a perfect match!

i created a relief cast plate glass panel and 25 some odd floating concrete lightbulbs. it has a very installation-y quality about it and i'm very happy with the results.


igotmoxie said...

that looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scenic Artisan said...


19r said...

it does look really great. who are the law firm?

Scenic Artisan said...

betts and holt

Dr. Birdcage said...

Ohhh, just beautiful. If I ever open a studio I'm totally having you make the sign.

Oralia Sankey said...

This is a very unique office signage. I’m pretty amazed with how you made it. Installing it up there is not easy. The glass plate is fragile and it might break easily, if not properly taken care of. Anyway, good job! -> Oralia Sankey