Thursday, July 05, 2007

you rock, anacostia, you wall of fire you.

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while my picture doesnt do it justice, the anacostia is a wall of fire from the perspective of a rooftop in eckington on a fourth of july evening.

eckington, you had some nice work, especially you guys that took over harry thomas way....for real. thats was intense. there was stuff flying up from rhode island and third that was pretty heavy too.

edgewood represented well.

i could only see patches of bloomingdale.. but there were some truly stellar rockets being fired.

but anacostia. you never fail.

depsite my distaste for dynamite like explosives in my alley, i do love you DC for your amazing fireworks display.

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igotmoxie said...


i'm an old codger.

i hated those f-ing fireworks in my 'hood.