Thursday, October 26, 2006

studio goings on

i was reading this post over at decor8 and was thinking about coffee, and my studio.

Yesterday, having run out of coffee at home, i stopped by Artmosphere Cafe on my way to the studio for my morning fix. A few hours later i need some more jolt, so i headed over to Glut and picked up some expresso and lunch.

I came back to the shop and scrubbed off the washington glass schools estranged espresso maker. Only one of those guys is a coffeefiend like me. So i offered him some.

Now the funny thing is, like the decor8 post, suggests, coffee isn't really a "time" for me. i could drink the junk all day long, and sometimes do. My first email address was "wheresmycoffee" in honor of my absent mindedness in wandering around a previos shopspace with my ever constant mug o'faithful.

But Erwin, the coffeefiend, is European. And as such,i believe for him it is a "time". So we had two or three breif little coffee talks in the last coupla days. It's quite nice really. not make me change my ways kinda nice, but nice nonetheless.

But this moves me on to the changes that are taking place. The glass school will be moving across the alley and other artists will be moving into my space. I've heard a number of rumours as to who they might be. Laurel Lukaszewski, Carole Greenwood , Al Miner, and Ellyn Weiss are the names being thrown around. (do any of you read this blog?)

My wife, who occasionally shares the space, has asked me a few times how i will deal with the feminine energy switch. its an interesting thought to consider. She has expressed her feelings of the decidedly masculine aura that is currently prevalent.

I have never work around so many women in a shop before. i guess we shall see.
this week i have been working on some small playful paintings, various concrete castings and s number of small relief pieces, as well as experimenting with new finishes

anyway, save the date of november 12th for an open studio/ party out in mount rainier.

i'll send out/post something official next week.

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