Saturday, May 13, 2006

The DCAC fundraiser

This past wednesday night i volunteered to help out during the DCAC fundraiser "Cuisine des Artistes: 2006" held at the amazing O street mansion.

I met a few people, some artists some collectors, some people just interested in the arts. One of the guys i met i have seen at nearly every arts event in dc i have attended for the last several years. This was the first time i spoke with him.

As i was volunteering, i didnt get to see the artist/chef creations till the very end, when they were pretty much devoured, so i can't comment on that. I can comment on the Mansion, which has now become my favorite place in DC.

Truly a creative space, the owners have fashioned this bed and breakfast/ bar/ meeting space/ restaurant into the most unique space i have seen in DC. An extremely eclectic style, though with mainly 1980's kitchens and baths, this place is all over the map. Theres a Log cabin room with a timbered loft, there are quaint victorian rooms, hidden roooms, game rooms, bath tubs for the entire party, kitchens here and there, and a collection of art/ artifacts/ and junk to satisfy my flea market tastes.

The place is an overload of the senses that i love. Comprised of four ( or is it five) rowhouses in Dupont, it is a maze of hallways, rooms and stairways. it is easy to get disorriented.

I want to live there.

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