Friday, January 06, 2006

taking a class

i'm taking a class in Louisville all next week. A faux finishing class.

i'm pretty excited about it and if i can, i'll post pictures.

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Martin Alan Hirsch/the Faux Finish School said...

Hi Sean!
A pleasure having you at The Faux Finish School this week! Now you need to rest....then get your ideas flowing and take what you learned and add it to your already wonderful creativity! As busy as class was, we really did not have time to chat one on one, and I did not realize how talented you really are! I would of enjoyed talking to you about the wonderful sculptures you have created and posted here. But with a dozen students, and tons of faux painting techniques and info to get done.....
Anyway, careful with that fear of blood! (inside joke between Sean and I) Hope to see you in a future class!
Martin Alan Hirsch
The Faux Finish School