Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Washington glass school/ Washington sculpture center/ Washington nationals

article that quotes Patricia Ghiglino of the Washington Sculpture Center

Patricia is the owner of the building that houses the Washington Sculpture Center
and the Washington Glass School.

Her husband Reinaldo Lopez is an oustanding artist that created the lions outside of the national zoo and on theTaft bridge

he is somewhat of an art hero of mine, and I have only begun to have conversations with him about his skills and techniques.

TheWashingtonn glass school is run by Tim Tate, Erwin Timmers, and Michael Janis.

I have taught a mold making/ casting class there and assist the other teachers as often asI can.
The glass school has been an important influence on me and my work for the last few years.

Sadly both these institutions will be leaving their wonderful studio space, because the DC government is pulling eminentt domain of the land. a 90 day eviction notice has been sent.

Patricia promises that the Sculpture Center will continue and the Glass school has been frantically seeking space. It is doubtful that either will find space in DC proper.

I have strong hopes that if the Washington Glass School finds a new home large enough, that I will set up studio space under their roof.

Anyone got a building we can have?

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