Saturday, September 24, 2005

Old engine #12 firehouse.

If there are gods watching over Bloomingdale, this place will become a nice restaurant/bar with very cold beer and a few quality vegetarian selections!

now for the inside....

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Shawn Kelley said...

Who are the people looking over the site. What type of place. Something like Col. Brook's Tavern would be wonderful. And it has to be more than some veg. food. They should have selections. And i am not a veg. but like to eat healthy , but not to have the whole place dedicated to vegans. Sorry. The beer part is good only if they make "apple martinis" a part of the drink menu. Thanks

Shawn Kelley
148 R Street, NE

Scenic Artisan said...

The city owns the place. the office of planning are looking for someone to fix it up and create an asset to the community.

A colonel brooks type establishment would be fine by me!

hopefully we will get at place that has something to offer everyone. apple martinis, beer; the works.

we'll see.

Lila & Tory said...

I hope they keep the tin ceilings!

Scenic Artisan said...

I dont know about the tin ceilings. I'm a HUGE fan of them, but these were pretty shot, and in some areas completely destroyed.

power to the people that fix this place up!

Anonymous said...

wow, I love this place. I've been hoping something good would happen with it.

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