Tuesday, September 27, 2005

end of September

September has blown by so fast. I have been incredibly busy with my panel paintings, making samples, and writing up bids for hopeful projects.

I will be finishing the panel paintings/office this week, and hopefully return to that same house to do some more work on two fireplace mantel and create a faux leather powder room.

I'm putting on the finishing touches for a presentable/bid for a job in my neighborhood. I can walk to it! A dream of a 4 story corner Victorian. I'm very hopeful of this job.

I have two other projects in the works for some technical painting sculptural stuff. Not entirely creative but, work nonetheless.

I have to draw up plans for a concrete countertops.
I have to plan out a large loft condo in Rockville, that I know will include some nice fake brick.

then... uh.. im not sure. Hopefully my hgtv show will actually be on, and I'll get some more work.
oh! i will be taking a class in january in Louisville, Ky. It is with a nationally renowned Faux Finisher, so it should be excellent.

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