Thursday, July 02, 2015


A few weeks ago, when I was at Wheaton Arts for GlassWeekend, I met an artist whose work I had admired. Simply beautiful well conceived and created glass sculpture. Then while there, I learned that she had other facets of her work that I had know about but had no idea who had created them. one project in particular is one of my favorite art/glass/culinary projects I know about.

I gushed a little bit about that to her. Now, this artist is much more well known than I am, much more connected, much further along in her career, and (seemingly ) life in general. I'm just a bumbling hack complimenting a far better artist. I've complimented many artists, as I really want to express my gratitude for people putting wonder and beauty into the world.( especially as i can't compliment them by purchasing it)  i've gotten mixed reactions to this, especially from popular artists. sometimes, i've even been brushed aside. 

With such humility and appreciation, she paused and responded, "Thank you for noticing what I do".

the response has kinda haunted me. not in a bad way, in fact in a most touching way.
People that accept the smallest of gifts with grace make me admire them even more than their gratitude over big things.

anyway, go buy her work and support her. i wish i could.

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