Monday, November 19, 2012

Constructing Content

Constructing Content
Works in Glass by Sean Hennessey, Erin Antognoli, and Erwin Timmers
Promise Locks ( Detail)
Glass, Paint, LED
by Sean Hennessey
If you've been following me, you may have read mention of Glass Secessionism. This is a good exhibit to see the type of work I've talked about. We are all artists working out of the Washington Glass School. We all come from different media and backgrounds, and each of us has found our own way of incorporating glass into our work. We are not in pursuit of the perfect object, or even, necessarily, beautiful objects. We are all driven by the narratives that we bring to our work. Our content drives and informs the imagery and the form. We treat glass like another artistic media, using it as an exploration of ideas. 

Constructing Content
December 1-31
Reception: December 1, 3-5pm

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