Thursday, October 25, 2012

ART Tonight, Tomorrow, Saturday. Do these things.

If you are DC, there are a few cool things going on this weekend.

Go to this:
SOAPBOX is excited to present two Boston-based duos Creighton Baxter and Hayley Morgenston, and Sarah Hill and Jessica Borusky, and Baltimore/Providence Xavier Valentine for October's Soapbox.

See More info HERE
Hillyer Art Space

Friday Night

1. First come to my closing reception and buy a piece.

410 Florida Avenue NW
5-8 PM

Limited Edition release artist series DC Brau at Kushi
kelly is awesome. he painted up the place and designed some new DC brau cans. 
go look at art, eat, and drink good beer.

465 K street NW

 Open Studio at DC Glassworks!
they've added more space! the best hot shop in the dc area. definitely go!
5346 46th Avenue  Hyattsville, MD

52 O Street Open Studios
One of the coolest artists housing in the city. you will be impressed.
52 O Street NW

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