Monday, November 15, 2010


In an article about why artists are leaving new york, a cute little jab at washington, dc:

Industry experts worry that New York will become a place where art is presented but not made, turning the city into an institutionalized sort of Disney Land. One arts executive says it could become “a Washington, D.C.,” a sterile, planned city with a number of cultural institutions but few artists—certainly not a place known as a birthplace for new cultural ideas and trends.


Christina said...

HAHAHA!! I majored in Landscape Architecture (which often encompasses urban design and master planning). One of my professors hypothesized that if DC were not the capital, it would not continue to be the flourishing city that it is. Philadelphia has clearly done well on this front. But if push comes to shove, and times change... would DC retain its patronage?

Scenic Artisan said...


no, while i love dc and know that there is indeed a vibrant artistic culture here, i don't think it would survive not being the capitol city. As the creation of DC was based on the US Constitution,i think it would have to be a very catastrophic event to change though.

Philadelphia was also a great city even before it was a capitol.
and far far larger. dc is only 600,000 people.

Cheryl said...

As a native Washingtonian I was disgusted by a "nameless" art exec disrespecting my hometown. I read the rest of the article and was intrigued by the art possibilities of Berlin! Thanks for sharing this piece.

Scenic Artisan said...

i hear you cheryl. on both counts.