Tuesday, March 16, 2010

so many places

Maybe i'm in too many places. maybe not. i'm happy and excited about the work that i do, so i guess its working out fine.
I make glass art: www.dcsean.com
I create painted and plastered finishes on peoples walls: Scenic Artisans
I'm engaged in my neighborhood: Blooomingdale
I tweet: wheresmycoffee
I tumble: Sean's Inspiration Sketchbook
I flick: Scenic Artisans
I look at faces: Sean Hennessey Fan Page
I have a space: (does anyone use myspace anymore?)
I blog: wheresmycoffee.com
I sell some small easily shippable sculpture: ScenicArtisans.etsy
I still sometimes work in Theatre: Pepe!
I refinish furniture: Gilded Mirror
I help my wife with designs: Notebooks
I make signage: Law Office Sign

I think if i just did one kind of thing i'd get bored.