Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Washington DC International Arts Expo 2008

Washington DC International Arts Expo

September 19-21st.

did anyone go to this last year? i missed it.

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panapala said...

Yes, I attended last year. I didn't know what to expect but was greatly impressed by the exhibitors and the overall production of the expo. This was the first time and expect it to improve each year like the Miami Art Basel or others. But because of Washington DC's position in the world there is a great potential which was evident in the first show. Example: the international participation was carefully represented artistically and monetarily. Chinese had a large booth and you could easily surmise that Chinese embassy diplomats would see the exhibit and would not be happy if something was not right. DC is a competitive arena where each nation has an embassy that watches each other. Along with art dealers doing deals with each other, the political agenda pushes all outcomes. Art and culture is an important part of power, prestige and ranking in the world order. Spain, England, Germany, Argentina were there last year I believe and you would see their diplomatic corp mingling within the crowd. I am expecting the other nations to follow as this show grows. panapala