Thursday, November 15, 2007

etsy, poppytalk, arts types of blogs and all.

I've mentioned a lot on this site. Despite a lot of disparaging remarks ive heard about etsy and indie crafts and low brow art, I'm a big fan because it has been a great pipeline for experimentation for me. By creating itself as a marketplace for things handmade, it has allowed a super high volume of people to see and recognize my work. Generally i only list my smaller pieces, but this has lead me to play more with various approaches to my castings and plaster work.

It has inspired series of pieces that i've shown and sold at festivals and fairs. Venues such as Crafty Bastards and Adams Morgan Day, Arts on Foot and various other events. Due to this approach i have felt a deeper connection to my city and community than simply exhibiting at Galleries.

Recently i learned about Poppytalk, and just today was featured as their Etsy Pick of The Day! exciting! Also cool is that one of Rania's pieces is their icon for their art buying guide!

I was also accepted into the listing of artists designers and craftspeople.

These types of sites have really helped artists such as myself get their works seen, and sold.


shoofly said...

Yay, congrats Sean! It was such a nice surprise to see our work together on poppytalk this am! Hooray.

Also, you were on the Etsy front page yesterday!

m.Lee said...

Seeing your work together like that is great! Congratulations.

How has poppytalk worked out for you? It seems a bit pricey to me.

I'm starting to shift my focus on Etsy to my smaller pieces and use what very little free time I have to find other venues for my larger works. I love Etsy for starting out and for smaller works.

Any tips as I have been completely focusing on going it alone these past two years. I am already in contact with an Art Consultant based in New York that wants to represent me.

igotmoxie said...

i like your concrete painting 2- it looks like bacon!