Thursday, October 04, 2007

on the issue of artist spaces

gather a group of younger artists in the dc area and we always talk about studio spaces, and the difficulty in finding them. there are two live/ projects going on that i know of in DC
Artspace's Brookland Project

and the Douglas Street Project

There are three projects in PG county

When looking up real estate in DC i found:
7 houses on the MLS under the price of $160,000
8 commercial properties under $300,000
13 rental units under $1500/month, that may or may not be suitable for artists.

Many commercial properties and vacant buildings are not listed on the MLS.

specialized commercial studios are a possibility too.

the washington glass school offers open studio uses for those wishing to work in kiln fired and flameworked glass.

Pyramid Atlantic has resources for the book and paper arts

Union printmakers is heaven for those working in that medium.

the Lee Arts Center (government run, not commercial) has substantial resources for working in ceramic.

any other specialized open studio situations in the area?

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