Saturday, December 23, 2006

Solo Exhibition in January- Worshippers of the Invented Sun

By odd quirks of events and the recommendation of a good friend I will be having a solo exhibition at a gallery in Fell Point Baltimore during the month of January.

Show- Worshippers of the Invented Sun
Where- Touchet Gallery
right.. and wheres that?
536 S. Ann Street, in Fells Point.

When- the Opening is January 5, 2007 - 5:00pm
Fells Point Art Loop - First Friday!

The Exhibit will be up until February 11.
timeasanabstractArtist Statement:

I create works that are concerned with ways of thinking and the paths that we follow. How do we reflect on our lives? How do we reconcile life as spiritual beings living in a modern world? How do we measure our growth?

Drawing my inspiration from Mythologies and Philosophies, I suggest possible metaphors of our daily experiences to create an epic reference for the present. The heroic journey of our common everyday self.

Using glass, concrete, paint and plaster, I build pieces that combine familiar imagery*doors, lightbulbs, bottles, spools of thread*to provoke the viewer to consider my interpretations of our lives.