Tuesday, August 01, 2006

this event looks interesting......

Where: Gallery's Terrace, 1115 East-West Highway - SS, Md. 20910
When: Saturday, 8/5, 4 - 10pm

Artists Ross Trimmer (www.josephrosser.com) and Mickael Elliot who will be re-painting Gallery's 30ft. fence. The two will be creating a "total composition" with each artist starting from opposite ends of a 30-foot wall using the same color palette and tools. The final collaborative image will create an atmosphere of unity as well as contrast. After the basic image is created the artists will switch sides to finish off each others compositions, allowing each other to alter and adjust each others work to finally bring the piece to a unified end. This piece will be different than previous work at Gallery as it will feature less of a focus on lettering and more on the general composition of the piece.

Once the lights go out, live video projections for this event will be created by Baltimore artist Metaphreq as he fuses previously generated video clips with a live video feed of the evening's festivities.

This month will feature a Live PA set by Philadelphia label owner/operatior Sean O'neal aka Someone Else from 7-9pm. Sean will be joined by DC area DJ Milo (4-7).

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