Thursday, September 21, 2006

Today was quite busy

First I had a meeting with Erin, James, and Michael about our collaborative efforts as The Creatives. We will be offering services as a group of people that make things- all kinds of things. My contributions will obviously be faux finishing as well as other painting and sculptural work.

Then I headed over to Black Rock Center for the Arts where i will be having an exhibition next year. I had wanted to drop off my contract and check out the space. I took some pictures and will soon begin sketching my ideas for the show.

After black rock
I met with artist Sabrina Mandell who is half of Happenstance Theatre and whose parents run the terrific Schmidt-Mandell Studios I have hopes of working with Sabrina on some faux, decorative or mural projects in the future.

Finally, at the suggestion of Margaret Boozer, and through the kind invitation of Pattie Firestone I sat in on a board meeting of The Washington Sculptors Group. I was hoping to become active with this group, and after tonights experience feel very positive and (if i wasn't so tired after such a long day) excited about it.

Since i have a gig on saturday, i think i'll go ahead and take tomorrow off.

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Stef said...

That's pretty exciting stuff! Congrats on the Black Rock exhibit - I'll look forward to checking it out!